Road Trip to Nashville!!!

Ever been to Nashville?  Ok, so most of you have…….

But have you ever seen EZ Rider in Nashville????  Bet you haven’t….

The Rider Boys make their first appearance in Nashville at the Silver Dollar Saloon on Saturday, March 29th.  We will be paired with Steve’s other band Saw Creek…….should be an awesome time.

Hope to see you there!

The Rider Boys at Duckfoots!

Check out the boys in flip-flops at Duckfoots Landing, Sunday Sept 1st, from 8 pm to midnight.  Duckfoots is always a blast – but Sunday night, on a holiday weekend?  Holy crap, lock the doors and hold on tight.

Come early and listen to the Almost Brothers band at 3 pm – make a whole day of it!

See you there!


A Return to Mcsobers

It’s been many a year since EZ Rider has played on the ol’ stage at McSobers.  Back in the day, the EZ  boys were rockin it up at McSobers about once a month.  Big crowds, shakin hinies, and more than a few beers if I remember correctly.

Good chance for y’all to see if the band has still got it (I heard that they do).   


Hope y’all are getting primed for the first annual SteinerStock.  This show will feature the Plowkings, Gameface and the return of EZ Rider.  All great local acts doing their thing in a beautiful setting.  Come on out and pretend you are at the next SpockStock…..